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What İs This


-Take your place on the legendary page!

-Support the projects you believe in,

- If you’re a developer, prove that you believe in your project,

-Leave a note for the future.


What is Blockchainhistory?

The blockchain-history.com page has been created with inspiration from the “milliondollarhomepage” page. Blockchain-history.com is creating a home page to reminisce about blockchain technology. According to many people, the blockchain is accepted as a big revolution, which will change our lives and the way we work, following the invention of the internet. Blockchain is developing thousands of projects in its field. We felt that it would be a great idea to create a table to look back and reminisce about these, in the years to come. When the blockchain-history.com home page is visited in the years to come, we are sure that it will create emotional sentiments in people.

The blockchain-history.com page was discussed on forums prior to being set up. Many people stated that this idea would be a brilliant one and that they would support it.

-Digital Collections-

Blockchain-history.com collection cards - One of the first examples of digital collection products in the world. All the pixels that you see on the homepage are uniquely identified in the blockchain.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we have had the opportunity to create things that cannot be imitated on the internet and whose authenticity can be proved at any time.

Thus, a new concept has been born. "Digital Collection Products..."

Now people are also building collections in the Digital world just like in the real world.

The number of collection cards that can be created for blockchain-history.com is limited to the pixel areas on the homepage.

A new collection card cannot be created after all fields are filled. The collection cards created will appear on the homepage forever. And they continue to be traded by people as Digital collection cards.

By clicking here, you can create a digital collection card.

Or you can trade the blockchain-history collection cards that have already been created by clicking here.

You can keep your collection cards in your ethereum wallet and put on sale in the opensea.io market at any time.

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